Introduce Your Friends Campaign

Friends Introduce Campaign

STEP 1: Please register in order to become a member and introduce a friend from the link below.

If you do not receive a reply immediately, please check the e-mail address that you entered.
We will send your membership number to your e-mail address within 1day.

Friends Introduce Campaign


STEP 2: Please introduce your friend to us from the link below.

When your friend reserves a room, he/she has to write your name and your membership number.
Please choose how to get a reward.
Please tell us information of your bank account if you choose a domestic bank transfer.
> MoneyGram

Friends Introduce Campaign


STEP 3: After your friend has moved in, we will give you a reward.

In the case of overseas remittances, the exchange rate at the time of the remittance is applied.
You will also be charged an administration fee.
If you cannot use MoneyGram, we will hand the reward to your friend in JPY.