About “TA HOUSE”

We offer monthly Apartments, Share House; accommodations for foreigners at affordable rates. Since 2001, we have our premises in quiet, safe and convenient areas in Tokyo.
All rooms are prepared for you to move in anytime, so you can start your life in Tokyo today.


We have our own maintenance staff on hand to make repairs and upgrades to our buildings. If you experience any problems, please call us immediately and we’ll help however we can. All maintenance staff are happy to assist you.


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Location within 60 minutes to central city of Tokyo.
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About Rooms



fully private unit

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Residents of TA HOUSE apartments enjoy the use of a fully private kitchen, shower, and bathroom. These are completely private, fully furnished short term housing units, with air conditioner and utilities included. They also include free internet.
Each room is furnished differently, but rooms generally include beds, desks, chairs, tables, lamps, and more. We provide a refrigerator, microwave, and other utilities in the kitchen area, as well as cooking equipment and utensils. All apartments have air conditioners. Move in and start your new life in Tokyo right away.


Share House

private room and common area

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In a TA HOUSE shared house, you will share the kitchen, shower, and bathroom with your housemates and have a private bedroom. All private rooms are equipped with a key lock and are fully furnished with air conditioner and utilities included, as well as free internet provided. We have different types of rooms, a tatami room, a room with a private kitchen, a room with a large closet, etc.