Autumn Opening of Inui Street to the Imperial Palace to the Public②

Entering through Sakashita Gate, you can see the building ahead to the left. Well-maintained trees come into view.

Turning around, people are streaming in through Sakashita Gate. Everyone has bright expressions and it feels good.

You can see the New Palace in the background to the left. The banquets we see on TV are held here.
The building has a sense of dignity.

Looking to the right, the autumn leaves are beautiful.

This is the Imperial Household Agency building. The Hinomaru flag looks great with it.

Looking to the right in front of the Imperial Household Agency building and to the rear, you can see the Fujimi Tower. This is the first time I’ve seen it from this position.

Are they volunteer workers?

This is the view from in front of the Imperial Household Agency building.

This is the street beside the Imperial Household Agency building. The plants are beautifully maintained.

We go further ahead. The autumn leaves are beautiful.

These are the stone walls of the Lotus Pond Moat. Perhaps this is the art of castle construction.
This is a magnificent job that shows the true value of the Anato-shu. I am enchanted by the beauty.

This is Yamashita-dori.

The mountain is the Shin-guden, and this is the street that leads down from there.

Endless rows of people and autumn leaves.

An Imperial Palace Police officer is encouraging people to keep walking. I’m intrigued by the purple and white rope hanging from his waist.

It’s magnificent. The stone wall behind him adds a nice touch.

The green and red of the pine trees is impressive.

This is a place where many people stop to take photos.”Go ahead, go ahead,” the officer says.

There’s nothing else to say. Nice colors.

This gate is called the “O-kyoku-mon” gate and is no longer in use.
In fact, the officer who says “go ahead, go ahead” is kind and explains things carefully.
A crowd forms in front of the officer.

I also ask about the rope that caught my eye earlier. It’s apparently used as a fence when providing first aid to sick people.
I feel the elegance of the purple color.